Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager (by Ben Horowitz)

A must-read for product people and their managers

This smart piece by Ben Horowitz (Blog / About) and David Weiden (About) is one of the best descriptions of what being a product guy is all about and definitely worth reading.

Here is a short summary:

A good product manager …

  • … is the CEO of the product.
  • … has expert knowledge about all important factors and knows how to balance them (company goals, capabilities, customer demand, competition).
  • … has a clear, written communication with product development .
  • … has clear goals and knows the core advantage of his product.
  • … developes for the happiness of sales force and customers.
  • … knows about marketing and communication, has good time management, knows what really matters to the product and is disciplined.

A really good product manager …

  • Really good product managers demonstrate group product manager skills and capabilities while they are product managers. These skills include:
    • Be paranoid. Really paranoid.
    • Work well with executives.
    • Leverage the entire organization.
    • Use whatever intensity is required to close critical issues.


Check out the full article here.

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